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Dash over to CompUSA for a $99 T-Mobile Dash


If you just can’t wait for Crossbow (aka: Windows Mobile 6) and want a sweet deal on a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone, consider dropping by CompUSA this week. The T-Mobile Dash retails for $349.99 and T-Mobile sells it direct to new accounts for $199. I noticed that CompUSA was advertising the Dash for $99 on a new accounts and thought it was too good to be true. I needed to nab another phone account since my Verizon Wireless account is CDMA and I have some GSM phones to review, i.e.: I need a SIM card.

I hopped over to CompUSA last night along with the print ad in my pocket and sure enough the deal was true. Remember, this is for new accounts only; I didn’t ask what an upgrade or existing customer price was, although I probably should have. The advertised special is good through February 10th, so if you’re looking for a new wireless phone plan and want to add a dash of mobility to your life, hurry up! OK, time to pick five faves…..

3 Responses to “Dash over to CompUSA for a $99 T-Mobile Dash”

  1. Kevin,
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