Zed Invests $65 Million To Expand To Web

Spanish mobile content vendor Zed is preparing to expand online, according to Mobile Entertainment. The company will invest $65 million to change its business model from one-off content downloads to a community based service (beta portal). Zed will offer user-generated content, community tools (blogging, dating) and communication software (e-mail, IM). It will launch in the US this month, then in Spain and other markets. The service will be subscription based with several plans available. Video, imaging and online games will be added, but Zed will avoid a music service until the business model for a profitable service is sorted out. Zed CEO Javier Perez Dolset, said: “We’ve been preparing for today’s launch for 17 months and the idea is to integrate our services with all devices that connect to the internet.” This idea of not separating the mobile web from the PC web is becoming very popular.