Vivendi Bringing Classics To Cell Phones In 2007


This year is definitely shaping up to be a good one if you’re a fan of mobile games. According to Mobile Industry, Vivendi Mobile, the cell phone division of Vivendi Universal, has posted a list of games to be released in 2007. Among the releases are a few new titles as well as a couple of oldies that could use a mobile release.

New to the cell phone scene is Crash Bandicoot, who appears in a game called Crash Bandicoot Party, which is a cell version of the DS title Crash Boom Bang. Also making an appearance on the cell is Leisure Suit Larry, a classic Sierra property about a pathetic bachelor and his constant search for love. Those both soun pretty entertaining, but the one announcement that really caught my eye is The Incredible Machine.

The Incredible Machine is a puzzle game that was originally released in 1992 and had the player make complex machines out of household items. This is the kind of game that mobile gaming needs: innovative and not too system taxing. On top of the addictive gameplay, The Incredible Machine will be of special interest to gamers in their 30s or 40s who may have been fans of the game when it originally launched.

If the mobile version of this game ends up being even half as good as the original, then it’s going to be a hit. Look for it in March.

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