Sony Buys Ipix’s Digital Imaging Patents For $3.6 Million

Sony has bought the intellectual property from imaging technology company Ipix, out of the bankruptcy court. The price: $3.6 million. The auction took place in open court as part of the company’s bankruptcy sale…it filed for bankruptcy on July last year.
The sale included more than 35 U.S. patents and patent applications on technology involving immersive still photography, 360-degree digital immersive video and a camera with gigapixel resolution, as well as more than 50 patents and patent applications on the same or similar technology filed in Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, the EU and Japan.
Ipix is best known for coverting two 180-degree digital images into a rotational 360-degree panoramic view. The technology was popular in the real estate industry because it enabled people to view entire rooms remotely via the Internet…would be interesting to see what use Sony would put it to.