Sitting down Over the Hedge with T Lewis

I just spent the most enjoyable 3 hours I’ve spent in a good while sitting down in a Starbucks and geeking out with T Lewis.  T is the cartoonist responsible for bringing us the great comic strip Over the Hedge with his collaborator Michael Fry.  T and I have been corresponding sporadically for a while now, as we have several things in common.  We are both native Houstonians, although T has been able to escape the big city and move to rural Washington state.  We are both also Tablet enthusiasts, in fact T draws the Over the Hedge comic strip on his Toshiba M200, which he’s owned for years.  We had a great time talking about all sorts of geek things, from Tablets and UMPCs to cell phones and music players.  He got to play with my Zune and I must say he seemed to come away impressed by the form factor and the ease of use of the Zune.

Over the Hedge 016

T’s M200 is getting a little long in the tooth and he is considering getting a Toshiba M7 for it’s 14 inch screen, which might make it easier for drawing the comic strip.  Does anyone have any advice for him regarding which replacement Tablet might be a good choice for him?  Any artists who use Tablets with thoughts to share about a particular model?

It was great meeting T and finding out we have so much in common and I hope he’ll make the trek back to Houston before too long.  Thanks for signing and illustrating the Over the Hedge DVD for my stepdaughter!  Have a safe trip back, buddy, and we’ll see you soon.

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