Sitting down Over the Hedge with T Lewis


I just spent the most enjoyable 3 hours I’ve spent in a good while sitting down in a Starbucks and geeking out with T Lewis.  T is the cartoonist responsible for bringing us the great comic strip Over the Hedge with his collaborator Michael Fry.  T and I have been corresponding sporadically for a while now, as we have several things in common.  We are both native Houstonians, although T has been able to escape the big city and move to rural Washington state.  We are both also Tablet enthusiasts, in fact T draws the Over the Hedge comic strip on his Toshiba M200, which he’s owned for years.  We had a great time talking about all sorts of geek things, from Tablets and UMPCs to cell phones and music players.  He got to play with my Zune and I must say he seemed to come away impressed by the form factor and the ease of use of the Zune.

Over the Hedge 016

T’s M200 is getting a little long in the tooth and he is considering getting a Toshiba M7 for it’s 14 inch screen, which might make it easier for drawing the comic strip.  Does anyone have any advice for him regarding which replacement Tablet might be a good choice for him?  Any artists who use Tablets with thoughts to share about a particular model?

It was great meeting T and finding out we have so much in common and I hope he’ll make the trek back to Houston before too long.  Thanks for signing and illustrating the Over the Hedge DVD for my stepdaughter!  Have a safe trip back, buddy, and we’ll see you soon.



Darn, I even knew that part. Well atleast you now know how much I want a passive digitizer ;)


Thorsten, M7 is being replaced by another 14″ according to a Toshiba rep. And R20/25 is still available with all the options. Only the M7 is lacking customization options at their site, and seemingly being cleared of inventory.

If anything, all Toshibas are “cancelled” except for the new Vista toting R400 since they only come with XP TPC option. This points to all the older Toshiba TPCs getting various tweeks for the Vista.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the M7 replacement ends up coming out quite different then before and much more then just the R20/25 with a dedicated videocard and missing buttons.


The M7 has been cancelled as well as all the other 14″ Tablets from Toshiba. Toshiba is rumoured to be coming with new offerings by the end of the month.


Shasshank, touch screen usually refers to passive digitizers. Wacom tablets are “active” digitizers.

You do have a great point about the size and weight of the M7. It’s nearly 7lbs. Almost double the weight of the M200 that T Lewis is replacing. If he likes the portablility of the M200, then forget the M7.

But then again, it sounds like he’s drawn to the larger realestate that a 14″ LCD provides over the 12″ of the M200. But if that’s the end goal, I personally think he should go all the way and get a Cintiq 21UX. You just can’t beat it’s 21″ UXGA LCD driven by Intuos 3 innards.

Infact, I think he should replace his M200 with something similar size and weight, such as the Toshiba M400 or the Fujitsu T4215 for portability, and then marry that with the Cintiq 21UX when he is not out and about town (should not be a problem financially since T Lewis is rolling in Hollywood $$$ these days. :D ).

With a docking station permanantly connected to the Cintiq, those two TPCs should serve as a desktop replacement very nicely when at home, and then be able to serve as a mobile sketchpad in a snap. I’d just make sure that he chooses SXGA LCD option so that he is not downgrading any aspect from his M200 (other than the dedicated graphics card, which is only available on M7 these days).


Love the posts on here JK. I just started using a M7 little over a month ago with Vista. While it is a great computer, as a tablet I would not recommend it due to the weight. It is really inconvinent to use in tablet mode compared to the smaller tablets such as your Fuji. If got get another computer, I definitely want one with touch screen abilities not just the passive digitizer.

T Lewis

Wow, JK…You must’ve moseyed back into Strbx, plunked back down in that easychair (perfectly matching your plaid shirt, by the way…geek camo), grabbed your Fuj and zoned right into insta-blog mode. This post was up ‘way before I got back to Mom’s…That triple shot vanilla latte did its work.

The pleasure was all mine. A cool aspect of this early era of Tableteering – as it gestates from cult to mainstream – is the bridge building among enthusiasts of all stripes (and strips). This afternoon was a wonderful soak in tablet worship with a fellow gnostic gnerd…or, in your case, High Priest.

It was inspiring and fun. And cost effective, thanks to that Starbucks Gift Card of Power you wield. Next time’s on me! And if you’re ever even vaguely near the Okanogan Valley, deep in Profoundly Rural Eastern Washington, gimme a call.

Hope the signed DVD bought some creds for you with your stepdaughter. That’ll cost her one (1) rolling of eye-balls and three (3) “whatever”s.

Thanks, JK…T

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