Reduce laptop heat but add 22 ounces to carry


IxoftOne of these days we’ll have to get a poll out there. I’m dying to know how many folks use a laptop on their lap, but that’s another story for another day. In the meantime, if your laptop gets warm enough to fry an egg, you might want to add an iXoft cooling mat from Thermotake. The mat weighs 22 ounces and uses convection methods to distribute the heat across the mat.

Normally, I wouldn’t be interested in a product like this, but since we’ve got sub-zero wind chills today, I might heat one of these babies up and stuff it in my coat. Is it me or does this look like a hot pad you might already have in your kitchen?


Mel Buckpitt

I use a Japanese product to suck the heat out of my LS800. It works really until it warms up. The cooling ability drops off rapidly, as the pad in my case, warms up. You still have to dump the heat somewhere!!


First ever comment :) Actually I use my powerbook on my lap all the time, both at home and on public transport and also in bed sometimes. And that Baby gets warm. This mat doesn’t look the best but it’s tempting.

Dave Z

I use my laptops on my lap all the time at home and when traveling, and rarely if ever at work. I don’t have any machines that are actually painful to leave on my lap, so my biggest complaint is that in the summer having a heated *anything* on my legs is annoying. I can’t imagine that putting an over-sized quilted pot holder on my lap is going to help much with keeping my legs cool, so I’ll pass. Looks like it might make a nice seating pad for football games though.

A much larger issue for me is the palm wrest getting warm. Again, none of them get hot, but there is something just plain nasty about having to keep wiping sweat puddles off of your laptop. The “piano black” finish on my Qosmio really shows the sweat rings nicely.

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