Programming alert… Where’s Om


Folks, it is that time of the year. The time when you have to shift your attention from yourself to your family. I am taking a short break from the daily routine and flying to India to spend some quality time with my parents and my brother’s family.


What does this mean? Two things – I won’t be furiously blogging, but blog I will. It means fewer posts from me, though longer posts since I am pretty sure the jet lag is going to cause a mini havoc on my sleep schedule. In the past I have worried about leaving the blog untended, but this time around things are a lot different. The GigaTeam is in full effect, and by now you are familiar with most of them.

There is a lot of writing that has been postponed, mostly because of lack of time. I am going to work on some of those topics and finish that bit while away. Since this isn’t a working trip, I am not sure if I am doing some active reporting, though if someone wants to arrange a meet-up, please let me know. Next week would be perfect!

(‘Om-chilled’ image via Om Records)

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