Open Thread: Do You Get Up Early to Boost Your Productivity?

Jim Citrin asked 20 CEOs and top executives about their morning routine [via Lifehacker] and 17 replied. Jim found that many of the respondents practiced certain habits like getting started early, immediately running through email, exercising every morning, and using the morning for problem solving. Wendy Boswell of Lifehacker confirms the productivity boost of getting up early: she’s been rising at 5 am every workday for the past month and says she’s “never accomplished more.” offers five tips for starting your morning at 5:00 am so you can capture some of this CEO-like productivity. My favorite is “scrap the snooze.” Once you’ve given yourself the okay to sleep just a little bit more, you’re likely to do it again and again until you absolutely must get up… when it’s already too late to spend time on special projects that always seem to get put off in the daytime rush.

Another good one is “get into a routine.” If you train yourself to get up each and every morning at 5:00 am (or whatever time you’ve chosen), you’ll stop negotiating with yourself over it. Sounds like those top executives make it a habit to get up early every day rather than making early wakeup an occasional event.

All of this is fine for the early birds among us, but what about night owls? If your best time of day to work is in the afternoon or evening, it doesn’t make much sense to set the alarm for the dark hours of the morning. It’s probably better in that case to stay up late then catch up on your sleep the next day.

What about you? Do you get up early regularly so you can get work done? On occasion, if you have an important project? Or are you a night owl?

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