Just like good software, James gets a yearly upgrade


I won’t comment on the version number, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the upgrade to James Kendrick. Based on this post at Celebrating Women, it appears to be a birthday for Mr. Kendrick! Before you draw the wrong conclusion: Celebrating Women is a blog that James’ wife Sheri co-writes…the blog isn’t celebrating the womanhood of James. ;)

Happy Birthday buddy! Let us know if you get any new mobile tech presents! Thanks for another great year of mobile goodness….


Yolanda Villa

Happy Birthday James! So glad Kevin told us so I can leave you this greeting and best wishes.

I’m off for Merida again on Saturday. Will check in from there of course.

Fabian Dietrich

Happy Birthday James,
and thanks a million for all the great posts, ideas, inspirations and tips you have given us over the past time. I hope you keep us all updated and informed for a long while to go, and I wish you a happy and successful time to come.



You guys rock! (Sitting in a Starbucks waiting for famous cartoonist to show up.)

PauL Shadwell

Happy Birthday James
fyi I’m inking this on my new P1610 on the train from Geneva to Zurich using a UMTS card similar I guess to your EVDO solution. Thanks for all your insight and inspiration.

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