JKK’s video: Joost on an Asus R2H UMPC

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Noticed in the Origami Project Software Forum that JKK posted a video of Joost running on his UMPC. In case you missed it prior: Joost is an online video streaming service once known as "The Venice Project"; it’s the brainchild of those P2P folks behind Skype. Currently in beta, JKK must have received an invite and I’m glad he did!

His video shows that Joost works quite well; it’s difficult to gage the resolution quality on a video like this, but it looked reasonable from my perspective. The floating menu options that Joost uses as interface cries for the touchscreen, making this look like a real winner for UMPCs. I’ve always been impressed by using a Slingbox with my UMPC, but Joost is looking pretty nice, pending the content availability of course. Nice job JKK; I especially like the BSG theme to your opening credits!

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