IMified: Use Instant Messages for More than Just Chat


imified.gifHere’s an interesting new web application…IMified. Use your favorite instant messenger application to add notes, reminders and even blog entries to a website or supported services. Why would you want to do this? It’s easy and uncomplicated. No email addresses to remember, no extra passwords or logins, no websites to visit, no software to download. If you can send an IM to a buddy, you can use this service. Even from your phone.

To join, you simply send an IM message to a specially designated IM account. There’s no password to remember, since the only way you can reach the service is through your own IM account. Once your account is created, you follow a DOS-like menu to decide what you want to do. For example, you type “M” to get a listing of numbered options on the main menu, then type in the number of the command you want to execute.

I tested the service through my AIM account and found it functional and fast to add notes, reminders and to-dos to the IMified website. It’s quick and easy to add entries to Basecamp, Google Calendar, Remember the Milk, 30Boxes or Backpack. I added a task to my Remember the Milk account and it works. The amount of information you can add, and the level of security, is limited by what is supported by the receiving service’s API. You only need to access a browser for service configuration.

You can also use it to post blog entries. Add a Blogger, Movable Type, TypePad or WordPress service and follow the menu prompts for one-time configuration. support is promised, which should be very interesting for those folks who use the popular CRM to manage tasks.

The developers are rolling out the service to see how it flies. If it gets popular, they’ll add paid options. Support is provided through a forum.

Update: sabifoo is a similar service, but without the connection to other APIs.

Update 2: The service no longer works with MSN.



I think its pretty cool! If you are a backpack addict as me, this is certainly something very useful. Posting a quick note to your backpack account without opening a browser. Seems pretty easy to me.

Internet Monkey

It’s a nice project, but not something I can see that will gain mass adoption for blogging. This may be good as part of a bigger project. You can’t do proper blog editing via IM, now can you?

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