Home automation software gets a UMPC facelift: Snap-Link

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Home Automation Inc (HAI) provides one of the widest selection of home automation products on the market; I know because I’ve been very interested in this space for the past year or two, however, I don’t have the time or money for the projects I have in mind.

HAI has offered various software and home automation interfaces since 1985 and it’s nice to hear that they see what we see: UMPCs can be a very powerful addition to any home automation network. Today, HAI announced that their $99 Snap-Link software is upgraded for touchscreen UMPC support. Snap-Link runs on a USB key and allows you to "monitor and control lighting, security, temperatures, webcams" and more. Snap-Link alone won’t do all that; you use the software in conjunction with home automation hardware of course.

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Snap-Link is great addition to your home, coz of the different capabilities that it can offer a simple house, it can track any thing in your house from a simple lighting to a security system.

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