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Be safe- don’t listen and walk

That’s the message coming from NYC Senator Carl Kruger who is supposedly readying legislature to ban the use of electronic devices like cell phones and MP3 players while crossing the street in NYC and other big cities in New York.  The proposed legislature is in response to a couple of pedestrian fatalities and no doubt would provide fodder for the family lawsuits against Apple as one of them was listening to an iPod at the time of the accident.

Listening to music in NYC– just say no.

(via engadget)

2 Responses to “Be safe- don’t listen and walk”

  1. lol, ahmen to that.

    I just saw this post while walking on the pavement, browsing on my phone and had to reply. Hang on, let me cross the road… ops. i forgot to look cause i was so engrossed in this blog… splat. thank you no. 41 bus. Whose to blame for my recent demise? Obviously the guy’s who created this fantastic site as it’s their fault i was distracted and didn’t heed the warnings my mother spoke to me about crossing the road when i was young.

    Seriously though. This nanny culture thing is really getting on my nerves

  2. Gene Schmeling

    It seems like legislation for the idiots. Whatever happened to natural selection? If we can subtract these bozos from the overall gene pool, it might not be such a bad idea for all of humanity.