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Amazon, TiVo Pair Up For PC-To-DVR Downloads

Amazon ups the download ante, at least among the 600,000 or so folks with TiVo hooked up to their home networks — well, actually a few hundred of them in a deal that is already getting attention beyond its real scope. A few hundred Amazon Unbox users who also have the right TiVo devices (DirecTV TiVos don’t count; neither will those coming from Comcast) will be able to take part in a test to download purchases to their pcs and watch them. The two have been talking about this for months. It’s yet another effort to own the living room or at least take up residence. TiVo CEO Tom Rogers tells USA Today: “We’re taking this world of digital video content that is now available via broadband to PC users and putting it smack in the middle of the living room to make it a comfortable television viewing experience.” It won’t automatically apply to all Amazon Unbox content; CBS, Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount, Universal and Warner Bros. are taking part and Rogers remains hopeful Sony will come on board. Amazon’s Bill Carr also thinks Disney will sign on, telling USAT: We have a strong relationship with Disney. It hasn’t been worked out yet, but it will be.” That sense of certainty may be heightened by Disney’s agreement to take part in Wal-Mart’s service.
— Mac users still can’t watch Amazon Unbox films on their computers but will be able to download them to TiVos.
— Limits cover two PCs, two TiVos or one of each; PCs can link with two portable devices.
HR: The service is already in beta with plans for full rollout by year’s end. Roy Price, director of digital video, Amazon: “So long as you have a browser and can get to and have a broadband-connected TiVo, you can purchase movies from any computer in the world. You just tell Amazon to send ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ to your living room TiVo, and it will be there.”
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3 Responses to “Amazon, TiVo Pair Up For PC-To-DVR Downloads”

  1. whoindatgarden

    So first I subscribe to Cable, then I subscribe to Broadband, then I subscribe to Tivo, then I go online to and I get a movie to watch.
    How wonderful is that, I have to spend all this money to watch a movie. damn Ill still go to my local video store and get a DVD and be done with it. Maybe there are a lot of really really lazy people who just want to sit at home, maybe thats the thing stay home just travel from one room to another, maybe they are all trust fund kids who can do so.
    Why is there so much hype around something that Average Joe can't afford.