HandHeld Entertainment Acquires Putfile.com For $7.1 Million In Cash & Stock

HandHeld Entertainment is on a tear in small M&A market: it has bought Putfile.com, a user-generated video service for about $7.1 million ($1.08 million in cash and approximately $6.0 million in stock). (HandHeld trades on Nasdaq under the symbols ZVUE and ZVUEW and is the maker of the ZVUE digital video players).
The site has more than 425,000 free and premium video selection and about 13.7 million unique visitors (on a combined basis) in January 2007, the company says.
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HandHeld Entertainment Acquires YourDailyMedia.com For $1.06 Million
Corrected: HandHeld Entertainment Acquires Dorks.com For $1.5 Million