Zatz placeshifts his job: joins Sling Media

DaveslingsJust a quick shoutout to Dave Zatz over at ZatzNotFunny! He just announced that he left the glitzy government I.T. sector in favor of a new role at Sling Media; couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. As I just commented on his blog: this is a win both for Sling and for Dave. Although Sling is based in California, Dave will stay on the East Coast for now. He says:

"I’ll have a variety of roles here at Sling — the two most visible ones will be my presence on the Sling Community Forum and as the point man for writers/editors in the blogosphere. The communication will be two-way: not only will I be conveying company information, I’ll also be taking everything in to keep the executive team and various internal groups informed. As a blogger, I’m also hopeful you’ll see me heading up something, somewhere, at some point."

Best wishes on the new role, Dave! Hope you can keep slinging swinging by here and continue the frequent commenting…..not on work time, of course. ;)