WWDC Will Be June 11-15

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The date for the World Wide Developer’s Conference is set. Leopard should be a pretty front and center topic this year, as pretty much all of us expect Apple to stick to a first half of 2007 release of the product. Having not yet heard anything on Leopard this year (which is driving me NUTS, by the way) I don’t really expect we’ll see it the next big cat released until just before the Developer’s Conference. I sincerely hope Apple surprises me.

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Matt Hoult

June 11-15 seems like a pretty average time to me. I don’t think it gives anything away, but I do think you are right; Leopard will be released in time to have something to build on in conversation at WWDC, but not so far ahead that people aren’t still buzzing about it. I think it will be a pretty exciting week this year.

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