Wii Punishes PS3 in January Japanese Sales


Everyone has heard the stories about how the Wii is flying off the shelves and they’re impossible to find. Alternately, we’ve also heard the stories of PS3s not flying off the shelves. Well, in Japan at least, these stories appear to be true.

According to a story from Reuters, Enterbrain, a leading Japanese magazine, is reporting that in January the Nintendo Wii outsold the PS3 at a margin of nearly 3 to 1. The actual sales numbers, according to Enterbrain, have the Nintendo Wii selling 405,000 consoles in January as compared to 148,000 for the Sony PS3. The reason that there’s a huge gap can be attributed to several different areas, but the two main problems are price and software availability.

The PS3 may seem rather down on its luck at current, but things could be changing. With the recent report of the hot sales of Blu-ray discs and rumors of price drops, Sony could be back on the top by this time next year. However, for now, Nintendo is king.


Jon R.

King so long as Microsoft remains incompetent to the unbelievable degree that it is. Should MS actually manage to do more with its library than offer mediocre hogshit coupled with insulting Live Arcade offerings, this might actually turn into a classic 2-horse, Nintendo vs. plucky challenger race.

Seriously. Strongest component of the 360? Live and Live Arcade. Still a fuckup, with stupid shit you can just emulate on MAME for the 5 minutes it takes you to realize the most base lessons on the subject of progress. Weakest point of the Wii? The nearly stillborn online connectivity with overpriced virtual console games.

And since the incompetent handling of the 360 library and Live Arcade are the only real reason people shouldn’t own both systems, that would be FUCKING AWESOME for us, the consumer. This really is the crappiest era of gaming that’s so nearly the most magificent.

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