What to Do on Day 2 of Viral Fame?


We’ve been riffing pretty hard on a theme over the last couple days, trying to make sense of how someone can lay claim a viral hit and deal with the ensuing onslaught. But a viral hit does not a career make, much as I love the Numa Numa Kid.

So, what to do on Day 2? You could make another clip, playing off Day 1.

That’s what the folks at Black20, makers of The Easter Bunny Hates You, did. Just today they emailed us about their latest clip, Cupid’s Bloody Valentine:

It’s also what the folks behind My Box in a Box, which in itself was riffing on SNL’s Dick in a Box, have done, releasing a “movie trailer” about the viral experience of lead character “Bunny” tonight:

You could also go off in a new direction, trying to establish yourself as a consistent producer of viral hits (which, to be fair, is what Black20‘s doing). But really, consistency and virality in the same place at the same time? That’s a toughie.

Last week Om and I were hanging out at his home-base Starbucks when we were paid a visit by Randi and Jen of How to Get a Guy in Silicon Valley (yes, another play on Dick in a Box).

They had just followed up their hit with Valleyfreude, making fun of the tech blogging scene and, in doing so, making a gooey-eyed fanboy out of Om. I asked them if they would serenade him with a bit from their follow-up song. Warning: awful video quality. Feel free to comment vociferously about how I need a better camera.

Randi and Jen (who are keeping the mystery alive by not disclosing their last names) say they’re thinking about maybe-someday-just-maybe quitting their day jobs, and they promise a third clip will be out this month.

So is it a lucky alignment of circumstance or a real knack for what makes an online hit that drove Black20, Bunny, and RandiandJen up the YouTube charts? If they keep trying, guess we’ll find out.

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