WebEx offers hosted email service


You might be familiar with WebEx for their video and web conferencing solutions, they now have another product to share with the world, WebEx Mail that launched on Monday. This new email is an on-demand solution for without costly hardware and software purchases and maintenance, and especially a good option for small players.

The new email offering uses the popular Ajax to retain a desktop application feel and functionality. There is support for POP and IMAP so that email can be pulled into applications like Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, onto mobile devices like Blackberry’s and Windows mobile handhelds as well as other desktop applications.

This new email adds to the other suite of online applications that WebEx Office offers including a document manager, group calendar, group calendar, database application, and task managers. The whole goal behind this move, is to allow for the collaboration of individuals through online applications. A similar offering in this field includes Zoho’s virtual office.



One thing that I’ve never liked with WebEx is how deceptive it feels to try and figure out how much their products cost. It has to be an operational strategy, but after a couple of clicks, i leave their site.

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