Vista and the New ‘Get a Mac’ Ad

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You may have heard already that Apple released a new ‘Get a Mac Ad’ that targets Vista’s ‘security’ features. It’s funny in a sad sort of way. As a bona-fide Apple fan boy, you are probably required to give it a watch. But what I really wanted to point out was Dan Moren’s commentary on Vista itself.

I played with a Beta version of Vista a few months back, so I’ve got some miles with it. However my usage was pretty light, so I don’t feel like I’m in a proper position to bag too heavily on the new operating system from Microsoft. However, I feel for Dan, trying to figure out a feature that Vista was supposed to have (MS’s version of Expose) only to find that it’s not in the Home version. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by Apple’s single OS version, but shouldn’t you put all those little features in one version of your code? How maddening!!

I’ll second Dan’s last comment as well, which essentially refers to Microsoft cramming every piece of Web 2.0 bling into the operating system, with rarely a rhyme or reason. Vista really does look nice on the surface, but in my opinion, it ends there. It’s pretty just to look pretty. It very much seems to lack function behind its form.

I really don’t want to keep bagging on Vista. But the initial impressions aren’t as “Wow” as I would expect after a 5 year design and development cycle.

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Mark 2000

I’d like to know why you need a super modern graphics card to run aero. It really doesn’t do much a 3d accelerator from the 90’s couldn’t do. flipping a few bitmap textured rectangles isnt a big deal compared to the zillions of triangles the old n64 (or the voodoo2, or Radeon 9800 – which is not good enough for aero) used to have to deal with in games. I remember the port of final fantasy 7 to pc and how it only had a few primitive characters on screen and yet needed pc hardware multitudes better that the psx just to run. at the time it was considered bad programming to require more resources than you need. I would think it still is today.

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