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Video Site Putfile Sells for $7.1M

HandHeld Entertainment, a small consumer electronics firm that is buying up web content sites, has acquired video and photo upload site Putfile for $7.1 million in cash and stock, the company announced today.

We hadn’t heard too much about Putfile, but were able to speak with a source close to the company, who said the site is owned and operated by one guy, 22-year-old Gordon Page of Guildford, England, with the help of his parents and some friendly forum operators. It first went online in May 2004.

Putfile actually has pretty significant traffic, similar to other second-tier digital media hosting sites. Its base, according to our source, is young creative media types, primarily from English-speaking countries and other countries in Europe. According to HandHeld, Putfile had 9.5 million unique visitors and 61 million page views in January. The site reports 1.4 million users and about 80,000 uploads per week.

HandHeld, maker of ZVUE portable media players, said it would pay $1.08 million in cash and approximately $6.0 million in common stock for Putfile. It also recently bought,, and HandHeld Stock (ZVUE) closed the day up 17.6 percent to $4.14.

Below, an Alexa chart comparing Putfile, Bolt, Grouper, Revver, and

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  1. Gordon was pretty crafty i knew him from several forums when he first started he couldn’t string two piece of php code together, In fact i would say there are a lot of ideas that he got whilst on the quest for help when coding. I also have to laugh at the fact that he got a lot of traffic to start with by spamming forums sometimes under sock accounts which you can still find to this day. Do i sound bitter .. nope .. he has in fact given me inspiration that anyone who lacks IT knowledge can be a success on the net with the input of others.