Put Your Nose In The Corner: The Apple/Microsoft Conspiracy Theory

Am I the only blogger looking back on the last two months and thinking…

What the hell are Apple and Microsoft doing to each other?

I don’t care about who started it first, that can go all the way back to 1983 and there is still no answer. It has to stop, and Steve and Bill made up once before:

Now here we go again, and it seems someone out in this community of geeks has to call them out.

I can remember wanting to run Netscape on Windows 98 and having problems every time an Internet Explorer update came out (I try not to dwell on the past, so if no one else remembers the fued let me know). So this is small in comparison to what I’m about to reflect on. The so-called browser wars were a battle; Apple and Microsoft are eternally enemies that can paradigm shift a whole industry. Are you ready?

First, let’s talk about the MOAB project. The idea of the project, as disputed as it is, isn’t relevant really. Even more so, Apple responded as well as others in a very timely manner to the posts. So I tip my hat to the community for eyeing this project and taking care of business professionally. Is it just too strange that MOAB would run shortly before Macworld and end shortly after Vista’s release? Add fuel to the fire, Mr. Gates seems to have this in his warchest for the smear campaign on OS X. Sorry Bill if your top men are gooey eyed over Mac OS X, the iPod, and who knows what else hasn’t been released in Iowa. I seem to recall Gates talking a lot about the SCO-IBM case and smearing Linux then, and look what turned up there.

The most damaging of evidence is from Mr. Gates directly, where he demonstrates little confidence in his statements.

Not so fast there Macheads, Apple (And ultimately its board) are just as guilty of tossing sand in a sore eye. Frankly if you’re familiar with The Art of War then watching this saga is brilliant execution of marketing warfare. That doesn’t give Apple the green card to let PC users know how annoying Vista’s security system is to use. Bu bu but, it does say at the end that Macs are better because they aren’t annoying. Come on, we know that’s not true. No one will ever make a computer that isn’t annoying somehow. So Apple, while your ads are hilarious and it seems Microsoft is feeding you material, ever since kindergarten it wasn’t nice to point out others weaknesses.

iTunes users have to wait on upgrading, though it does seem suspiciously like we’re revisiting the Netscape problem again. Hmm, iTunes for Windows was released October 16, 2003, and a few months prior Microsoft announces major DRM features in “Longhorn” aka Vista. Would I dare suggest Microsoft managers were guided to utilize their plans for the ultimate Apple showdown?

Absolutely not, that would be anticompetitive. Yet, I look at all these events and I have to scold these companies before Macheads and Windows Users suffer a stalemate together. One piece of advice for these two schoolyard bullies battling for swing set supremacy. Get over it Microsoft, work together like you did in 1997 – like you promised the industry. Apple, you know you’re doing good right now and leading the way. Stop throwing it around because you’re not even close to being on top. This is why Apple can’t be a big company, arrogance knocked them down once before and history can repeat itself. This is very much the same reason we are seeing Microsoft stumble over themselves. Both companies have a lot to contribute; a pissing contest isn’t productive or a contribution. It’s just fun to watch.

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