Is Blu-ray the New Format Champ?


Historically, Sony isn’t known for winning format wars. I doubt too many people listen to their Super Audio CDs while browsing their Betamax collection, especially since a lot of those movies are on the wildly popular UMD format now. Sarcasm aside, a Sony format actually seems to be doing pretty well this time around, but will it stick around?

According to a post on Games Industry, Sony has officially stated that the company is already winning the hi-def format war. In a study recently released by Nielsen VideoScan, provider of VHS and DVD format sales, Blu-ray is outselling HD-DVD by quite a large margin and is rapidly catching up in lifetime sales. Blu-ray sales taking off as they have could make a huge difference in this generations console wars.

One of the biggest selling points of the PS2 was that it doubled as a DVD player, and that same concept could work well for the PS3. In fact, the PS2 DVD player is often attributed to its overwhelming sales. It’s still very early in the game, but if Blu-ray carries on like this, HD-DVD may be in trouble.



I can not guess to know which HD format will win but Gordon Mah from Maximum PC magazine did show how to use a $300 xbox blu-ray drive connected to a pc, apparently there are drivers, to watch hd content on a pc.

Jon R.

That concept can NOT work well for the PS3. There is no analogue between the PS2/DVD and the PS3/Blu-ray. At all.

There was a need for DVD after the long-enough life of the VCR. There is no such need leading us from DVD to either of these new media formats. Compare the completely linear VCR tapes with the features that are utterly commonplace with DVDs, and then tell me the same difference exists in this situation.

You know what? The next leap isn’t in the format so much as it is in the recording method. There’s a correlation between framerate, sharpness, and perception of motion relating to those two factors. I think that, at this point, razor sharpness isn’t going to mean a fucking thing if you’re still pulling this motion-blur, 24 FPS bullshit. In fact, i think the sharper you go from here, the more obvious you make the framerate movies are shot at.

Think about it. SHARPER format. Motion BLUR. Spot the incongruity. It’s like Wagner trying to play the part of the reporter, but still assuming he can control the reaction of the reader. Some things just don’t work together that well.

The movie industry isn’t exactly jumping on this concept, so i think it’s fairly reasonable to say that these new formats are, truly, completely worthless. Especially in a console.

Then there’s the “Oh great, let’s rebuild our entire fucking library” aspect of the format, which also detracts from its value. Especially in a console.

Then there’s the way the studios are handling this bullshit, which means that even if you ARE interested in this abject fucking idiocy, the rational option — the ONLY option — is with dual-format players; not single-format players, and therefore not with consoles.

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