Helio’s trifecta: Google Maps GPS, record subscribers and a new music service


HelioIf we had a "where did these guys come from?" category, Helio would be in it. The Mobile Virtual Network Operator backed by Earthlink and SK Telecom in Korea is a relative newcomer that appears to bring the Korean phone look-and-feel here to the U.S. while licensing cellular spectrum from other companies. Sound like a good business plan? Something must be working because Helio is in the news quite a bit lately:

Some MVNO’s have been a relative failure (ESPN and Disney Mobile come to mind), but Helio might be on to something with the Korean-infuenced handset approach combined with licensing cellular spectrum.


Mel Buckpitt

Licensing spectrum from others is the approach Virgin Mobile used in the UK and they are “not too shabby”. The phones here in Korea tend to be small,not smart phones and have been adapted to use DMB and in some cases GPS.
Follow the DMB link in my blog to a Korean phone reseller if you want more info on what Korean phone technology looks like.

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