Get Windows Mobile Device Center working with OneCare


WmdcWay back in October I had issues getting Windows Mobile Device Center to play nicely with OneCare; looks like the same general configuration changes apply, which is plain silly. Both apps are Microsoft apps and really should get along. I gave the basic instructions back then, but Arne Hess put together a complete walk-through of the process including step-by-step screen shots. If you plan to sync up a Windows Mobile device on Vista while running Windows Live OneCare, here’s what you need to do.



I recently used the insurance option to obtain a replacement Q. I attempted to sync to my laptop and was given a message that the replacement pda is password protected. Is there a way to reset,change or bypass the password.

Vikas Choudhary

This worked for me

There are several cases that may prevent your device from connecting:
If Windows Live OneCare is installed on your machine, it may be blocking the device connectivity. Please click here for the steps to configure Windows Live OneCare to allow the device to connect.
The driver installation may not have completed successfully. If you think this may be the case, follow these steps:
Keep your device connected
From the desktop, go to Start > Start Search
Enter “Device Manager” or “devmgmt.msc” to launch the Device Manager window
Look under the “Network adapters” node for “Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter”. If this is not present, skip to step 5. Otherwise, right-click “Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter” and choose to “Uninstall”
Look under the “Mobile Devices” node for “Microsoft USB Sync”. If this is not present, skip to step 6. Otherwise, right-click “Microsoft USB Sync” and choose to “Uninstall”
Disconnect and reconnect your device. Your device driver will re-install and Windows Mobile Device Center will launch.


Marcus, you are correct, that worked for me. You must also deselect the option to automatically restrict unsecure networks as Vista considers a WMDC connection to be insecure.

Marcus Sommer

There appears to be an easier way:
the Firewall connection Tool from the OneCare>Firewall settings tab mentions explicitely the allowance of a Windows Mobile Device – and will enable all necessary with just a single click then.
Might be necessary to have the general Firewall rule to be set to Automatic.


Marcus Sommer

Tablet PC User

How odd…

I haven’t had any problems and I didn’t have to go through this port-hoping on Arnes’ blog. I installed OneCare, then the updated Mobile Device Center and presto…it all works!

Thanks for the tip anyway.

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