Freeware of the moment: WinVibe

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WinvibeI unplugged from my Zune today just long enough to check out WinVibe, which came recommended courtesy of Download Squad (who just added another bunch o’ bloggers: congrats guys and gals!). Let’s face it, Windows Media Player on a Windows Mobile device is arguably the least used application that takes up precious storage space on our handhelds. So what does WinVibe add for free? How about:

  • Multi-format support: WAV, WMA, ASF, MP3 and OGG
  • Volume Unit (VU) Meter & equalizer spectrum
  • Advanced playlist management
  • Audio effects: Surround, Bass-boost, Reverb & Echo…Echo…Echo….
  • ID3 tag lyrics
  • HTTP and Shoutcast streaming support for MP3 and OGG
  • Both a QVGA and VGA version

Don’t panic over the Korean menu in the screenshot (or the fact that the song is by Britney Spears) as your menus will be in English. Unless you live in Korea that is…

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Mel Buckpitt

The Korean says:

File Audio Tools Help

File and Audio are English to Korean transliterations.

The 1st syllable of file sounds like ‘pa’ because there is no ‘f’ sound in the korean language. The 2nd syllable sounds like ‘il’ put the two together and you get ‘pa il’ or file.

This ain’t mobile tech this is global tech!!


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