Chinese firm to produce first Linux UMPC


H9_umpcThe Beijing Peace East Development company is set to introduce the H9, a UMPC-like device running Linux.  The H9 is an interesting device as the processor is an Intel PXA270 running at 520 MHz, a processor normally found in Windows Mobile devices.  The H9 will ship with a lot of productivity and multimedia applications plus you have that huge Linux open source movement to keep your H9 loaded with goodies.  No word on pricing yet.

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Of course while this may be the first UMPC class device it’s certainly not the first high end linux portable, there are the nokias as mentioned and the Zaurus clamshell units which, with the help of pdaXrom, can run firefox, Abiword and all manner of other desktop linux apps.

This kind of thing looks far more useful to me than a UMPC type device or a tablet interface like maemo, unfortunately they clamshell models are hard to come by in the west.

since everyone loves screenshots here are some i’ve harvested


Not ripped off…..remember, alot of the Nokia 770 and N800 is open source. In fact, the few things that are not are the flash plugin and opera itself. There’s also a few device drivers for the DSP on board the 770 and N800 that have proprietary software itself.

This IS Maemo Linux. That is the TRUE power of open source.

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