Battery observations in Vista and XP

Vista_powerI’ve been reading comments here and there on the web about less battery life when running Vista and just got a note from Hector along the same lines. Hector tells me that he’s using the Samsung Q1 with the 6-cell battery and notices that the OS reports a difference in the remaining runtime:

  • XP Tablet Edition 2005: between 6:50 and 7:25 on a full charge.
  • Vista: 5:49 on a full charge.

Just for kicks, I did the same on the Q1P with the 3-cell battery (WiFi on) a few minutes ago:

  • XP Tablet Edition 2005: between 2:49 and 3:02 on a full charge
  • Vista: 2:17 on a full charge

The Windows Vista Team Blog mentions that Vista sets the WiFi adapter power settings at "Maximum Performance", which could be the culprit, although the blog post indicates that this setting has nothing to do with additional battery drain. ArsTechnica delves into the details as well and alludes to a newly implemented "sleep" mode in the 802.11 spec. I’ll be doing additional research but I’d be curious to see what current Vista RTM users are finding.


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