Are you famous?

JK Icon 100pixKevin cartoonThis past week has been an interesting one for jkOnTheRun, at least while Vista issues weren’t dominating my time.  It’s been interesting because we found out that the founder of Planet Ark, a rock star, and now a UK soap opera star are big fans of jkOnTheRun.  I was already aware that a famous cartoonist is a frequent reader, in fact I’m going to sit down with him tomorrow to geek out.  It seems that geekhood crosses all boundaries.    So here’s the deal, if you’re famous submit a comment here and let us know what makes you famous (even if it’s just in your own mind).  You don’t have to give a lot of detail if you don’t want, but at least tell us why you’re famous and where you are located.  It’s always cool to see where our readership is coming from.  Oh, you folks I alluded to above should chime in too.


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