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JK Icon 100pixKevin cartoonThis past week has been an interesting one for jkOnTheRun, at least while Vista issues weren’t dominating my time.  It’s been interesting because we found out that the founder of Planet Ark, a rock star, and now a UK soap opera star are big fans of jkOnTheRun.  I was already aware that a famous cartoonist is a frequent reader, in fact I’m going to sit down with him tomorrow to geek out.  It seems that geekhood crosses all boundaries.    So here’s the deal, if you’re famous submit a comment here and let us know what makes you famous (even if it’s just in your own mind).  You don’t have to give a lot of detail if you don’t want, but at least tell us why you’re famous and where you are located.  It’s always cool to see where our readership is coming from.  Oh, you folks I alluded to above should chime in too.


Demetri Poulos

I would dare to say that I am locally famous at the Statehouse and the Governor’s mansion in Annapolis, Maryland. I introduced a fleet of Treos at our office a few years ago and now have helped make about 100 folks mobile tech savy. I have become the tech “go-to-guy” for the Governor.

Thanks to all the jkOnTheRun contributors for making this site so valuable and content rich.


I’m the owner of a couple websites with something around 10,000 users. I have had kind of a cult following in those communities for a few years. I’m not famous outside of that yet, but I’m getting there :p


jk: I’ll breathe fire at CES if someone puts up the money for insurance and permits. After Great White torched 100 of their fans in that Rhode Island nightclub, it got hard to get a gig. You can see me on the news (in my early YouTube videos) when our troupe was interviewed about how a show we had that weekend was canceled.

Slate tablets are my passion now – and let me tell you. MUCH harder to meet women.


I’m not famous but I’m a long time reader from Saudi Arabia. Let me know if you need oil, because there is nothing else besides it here. Oh, I almost forgot, we also have bad dialup connection. No one wants to import that, though!


Andrew, man, I love that movie!
Sumo, you’re famous to me. ThoughtFix, I want to see the fire breathing thing next CES.
Tax Man, you’re a bad, bad man.
Fabian, that’s famous enough for me. To set the record straight I’ve been on local radio twice (once from Las Vegas) and the local Fox News once. Oh, I sang in a band that opened for Donovan. Is he still alive?
James Hull, awesome, I love that movie, too! I’ll tell T hi from you.

Tax Man

“You have the right to remain silent…”

That’s me…the Miranda warning

Bill Miranda

Fabian Dietrich

I’m famous too, in a way. Almost.
While Hugo Ortega is the Tablet Guy for all of Australia, I am proud to say that I am both “the tablet kid” in my school (in a cool way, not geeky, mind you ;) )and the the Tablet PC guy in my district of Berlin (Berlin-Zehlendorf).
That’s all I have to offer. Sorry. No movie star, just another Tablet guy :) .
Oh, and yes, jk and kct, you are famous.
a)John Garden from the Scissors Sisters knows you
b)JK, I believe you had a local radio appearance about a year back (?)
c)everybody in the tech blogosphere has you bookmarked

Fabian, aka F2theD
Chiming in from Berlin, Germany

Andrew Davis

Hi There. I’m Andrew Davis. Yes, that Andrew Davis. Not sure if you’d really call me famous. I just produce movies; Independence Day, to name one. What can I say? I love the site. But then I have a thing for new gadgets.

Anton P. Nym

I did some writing for the miniatures game industry back in the ’90s (Global Games and RAFM, if those companies mean anything to you) and currently do volunteer work in the Bungie Studios fan community. Dunno if that counts, but I’ll throw my hat in on the off chance it does.

Apparently, the closest Bungie gets to having Tablet PCs is one (1) Wacom Cintiq monitor. Everybody else uses drawing tablets instead.

— Steve


Aside from having had blog posts read on two major podcasts (hint: they have “otr” in their acronyms), I have some name recognition in the pen and paper gaming community. Wrote a book for Palladium named “Splynn Dimension Market”, plus some other things (including a reprint I didn’t even know about until a guy complimented me). Also helped test Exalted v1 & v2 for White Wolf and made a lasting contribution to the game, though the latter part is not widely known. Never made many waves in the community, but once, on a msg board, I was asked if I was *the* Sumocat.

BTW, ThoughtFix brings up a good point. Room full of Tablet PC users. No one thinks to collect everyone’s signatures (at least not that I know of). I’m going to crash the party next year just to do that (and maybe pick up some fame points in the process).

James Hull

I’m not as famous as I’d like to be, but I did animate that famous cartoonist’s characters for Dreamworks last year…say hi to T for me – he’s great!! (and a huge Tablet fan – hopefully he got that crack fixed!)

Mark Polino

Keith beat me to it. Will you take the infamous too or are you worried that people would do dangerous things to get on the site? No robbing liquor stores to get your tablet pc fix.



Frank, I read those books on the Pocket PC, what does that say about me? Of course, it’s hard to beat fire breathing. :)


Some people call me infamous, which, according to the Three Amigos, is even better than famous!


Local fame, including local news and a brief spot on Insomniac as a juggler and fire eater/breather. Does that count? ;)

You guys are famous. I should’ve asked for your autograph at CES!

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