Apple/Apple Deal Could Offer Interesting Possibilities

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With the big news that Apple and the Beatles have come to an agreement, a new era may be dawning for Apple’s iPod and Music Distribution methods. Infinite Loop/Ars Technica tags a recent Wired article with their own idea on the concepts.

Because of the previous issue between Apple Inc and Apple Corps, the former was prevented from actually distributing music. In legalese, this is different from making it available for download through the iTunes store. But with everyone playing nice now, Apple could very well start selling pre-loaded iPods from artists – maybe kicking it off with a Beatles iPod, filled with their songs???

More interesting still would be the scenario IL points out, of smaller bands distributing cheap iPod Shuffles preloaded with music. We could see some very interesting changes on the horizon with this little tidbit.

Of course Ars also addresses the fact that right now Apple doesn’t provide a way to get your music OFF your iPod if it hasn’t yet been synced with your computer. But this too could be a change we see around the corner…

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