Vista update- where’s the snipping tool?


I am sure I am just missing it but does anyone know where the snipping tool is in Vista?  I can’t find it anywhere and I miss it. 



Hello! I cannot find my snipping tool, I looked everywhere, also in my program files but cannot find it. It dissappeared with all the Tablet Pc options after I closed it. Anybody can tell me what to do? Thanks…


Yeah, the snipping tool is now part of Vista. And to be honest… I liked better the old one. It has to me a better design.

Patrick Perez

It is also on my desktop Vista machine, so tablet capability doesn’t seem to be required for it’s enablement.

Josh Bancroft

Glad you found it. I believe that some tablet devices that don’t have HID drivers for the screen will lack some features in Vista – the Snipping Tool, and some of the Tablet/Pen control panel items.

I was worried that was the predicament you were in. :-) Glad it’s not the case!

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