Virgin America Seeks Game Developers


There’s nothing quite like being sealed into a metal tube, with a bunch of strangers, for several hours at a time. Thanks to all sorts of cool new tech toys, flight entertainment isn’t just about flipping through SkyMall anymore. Nintendo’s DS and Sony’s PSP are a couple of popular ways to pass the time on the way to your next deal, but what if you don’t have that option? Well, Virgin Airways is taking this one step further and putting gaming in the seats.

Virgin America, the latest addition to the Virgin Airways fleet, is scheduled to being flying this year, and in a move to set themselves apart from other airlines, have developed a really interesting in-flight entertainment option. Red, the in-seat computer, offers passengers several ways to pass the time, such as watching TV, listening to MP3s or playing games. What’s most interesting about Red is that it runs Linux, and, with that in mind, Virgin has had several open-source games (like Doom) ported over.

In preparation for Virgin America’s launch, they’ve now announced a contest for Linux game developers to create game content for their new in-flight entertainment system. The contest hasn’t kicked off yet, but according to this page, you can sign up to be notified when it does. This could be a big break for any independent or beginner developers out there who want to be seen. Check out the contest page for more detailed information.


Jon R.

Oh, jesus. This is a huge disaster waiting to happen. Roguelikes, in all their unplayable-except-by-aspergers-sufferers glory, have remained relatively popular with the *nix crowd specifically because no one in that camp knows how to make a fucking game.

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