The downside to Google reliance: I’m down and so is Google for me

No_googleInteresting situation here at my home office that really illustrates the dangers of relying on web-based services. For the past 75 minutes, I’ve been cut off from "The Google". That’s right: no Google search page, no Gmail and (worst of all) no Google Reader, which I recently switched to. I can get to every other site I want to immediately, but not Google. I mentioned this situation on Twitter and some of my Twitter friends have responded that Google is working fine for them, so it must be localized to a Google domain near me (in Philadelphia).

I’m set for e-mail because I have my Gmail forwarded to a hosted Exchange server; without that setup, I’d be SOL for e-mail as well as RSS. I’m sure this is temporary and localized, but it only impresses upon me that while the web services are increasing in functionality, there’s always the danger of downtime. Not good….

Update @1:35 PM EST: It’s been roughly 2 hours. Pinging got me an IP address and I can use that in my browser (see below) to navigate to Google’s search page. Searches do work. Searching for and trying to get to Google services just times out. ARGH!


Update @ 3PM EST: since we could access Google from another PC on the same Internet connection, I rebooted and now have access to all Google services again. Nothing funny in the firewall log, no apparent reason for the issue. Very odd that it was just Google sites, but now it’s back. Lesson learned: have backup web services that offer similar functionality.


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