Sundance Mobile Movies To launch Next Week At 3GSM

We mentioned about Sundance’s effort to kickstart mobile movie sector…it tied up with GSM Association last year to launch the “Sundance Film Festival: Global Short Film Project”. IHT has some details on the project which finally launches the resulting movies next week at 3GSM in Barcelona.
The short films, including one created by the husband-and-wife team that directed “Little Miss Sunshine,” will each be about five minutes long. They will be made available by many of the GSMA’s membership of more than 700 mobile phone operators in 215 countries; customers will be able to download the films through their operators and share amongst each other.
The sharing part is cumbersome, though: both phones need to have software called Media Call, which is made by the California- based Roamware, which is financing the movies. But at 3GSM, Roamware will announce the release date for a new method of sending the films that would require only the sender to have the specific software.
Roamware and a partner, NXP Semiconductors, are financing the project, and the directors are not being paid.
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