Nokia News Means Explosion of Cell Development?


It looks like Nokia is officially stepping out of the realm of rumors to confirm the release of the new N-Gage technology. According to a Nokia run blog, Future Watch, the new N-Gage technology is due out later this year. With that announcement, Jaakko Kaidesoja, head of Nokia’s Game Experience group, says that there is more news to come during this years Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

As reported by Mobile Industry, we should start to see the new N-Gage technology in September of this year. Amongst other announcements by Nokia, it seems official that Electronic Arts Mobile and Gameloft are both signed on to develop for the new N-Gage. If there’s any truth to the rumors about Nokia holding secret meetings for developers, we may be seeing many more high-profile companies signing on to develop for the platform.

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