My iPhone could give you your iPhone

Iphone_in_handI almost forgot the February 5th is "National iPhone Contest Day" here in the U.S.; thankfully, Chris Davies reminded me. I thought I did my part for the unofficial holiday when I mentioned earlier today that qipit is giving an iPhone away. Not so, says Chris: My iPhone is giving two iPhones, one 8 Gigger and one 4 Gigger. There’s mention of an iPod nano prize, but compared to the iPhones, that will get lost in the ‘shuffle’. Heh….

So how does one win an iPhone from My iPhone? All of the details are right here, but I’ll clue in to your mission if you choose to accept it. You’ll have to get a paper iPhone from sneakmove and do that bling thing for your entry to sing. Jazz up the already snazzy iPhone and submit your entry by the end of the month. After that, your creation will be judged by a blogosphere panel; no word on the judges yet, so start saving up your bribes now. ;)

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