iPhone’s iPod Functions a Nice Step Forward


Back in December I voiced my feelings on the need for the iPod interface to see some upgrades. Not only were many of the generated comments in agreement with me, but several had also been hoping for the same enhancements I wrote about. Well the Keynote came and went, and we got the iPhone, which of course, is also an iPod.

While drooling over the iPhone (again) the other day, I realized that the iPod interface – when in CoverFlow (landscape orientation) mode – is a giant step toward what many of us seem to be hoping for. You can browse the albums in CoverFlow mode, touch an album, see the songs on the back, and move directly to that song. Pretty direct and simple.

Now I don’t expect the next iteration of typical iPods will come out boasting this sort of navigation, but I definitely hope it’s a sign of things to come. The iPhone’s iPod is definitely a step in the right direction. How long do you think until we see that sort of capability in a run-of-the-mill iPod?



Flicking the screen repeatedly to scroll through a long list seems to take too long. I’d rather see a jog lever, or better yet a flat analog joystick that would work in both orientations.


Expect to see it some time soon, and when they do it will work exactly like it does in the iPhone, except with the wheel. I dont know how they would manage cover flow, they may decide to scrap that until full screen happens on regular iPods.

Im starting to use the cover flow alot more on my iTunes, i would love to see it in my iPod


iPod WS will up the ante on mp3 palyers. i am looking forward to the next generation of iPods!


I think too that it will be on the 6G iPod, and I really hope that it comes out before April.


i think touchscreen is the wave of the future for apple. Mr. Jobs mentioned that there were exciting things to come w/ the macs over the course of the year, and i believe that touch screen integration in the laptops and the ipods will be the major theme of this year.


I bet we’ll see it in the next iteration of the iPod.
Whether that will be a “true video iPod”, or if it will come before june, I don’t know.


I was under the impression that perhaps the widescreen i-pod might come out before the i-phone. Apple would then ship loads of W-i-pods and then market the i-phone heavily towards the middle of the year. The more we get into the year the more this becomes unfeasible. I don’t think, however , that we will see a new iteration of any large-scale i-pod without these controls. Lets face it anything half way between the current i-pod model and the i-phone just wouldn’t sell. We have tasted the peroni so why go for the bud?


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