Innovative patents for Blackberry show promise

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From where I sit, times appear to be getting tougher for Research in Motion; they’ve got a great product in the Blackberry for sure, but a few factoids tell me they’ve got some challenges ahead of them. Bill Gates indicated at the CES that Windows Mobile is far outselling Blackberry, for one. High priced Blackberry servers can’t appeal that much to the enterprise when so many shops run on Exchange servers. Throw in the iPhone from Apple and you’ve got to ripen the ‘berry somehow.

Unwired View must share my thoughts; they went in search of new Blackberry patents hoping to find something fruitful. Sure enough they did, but bear in mind that a patent is only the first of many steps before a final product. Looks like some interesting input methods are in the future including the one above that shows a rotating keyboard for different types of entry. I suspect the next innovation with handhelds won’t be some super wireless functionality nor some unique software: watch the focus turn to intuitive and effective input methods. Let’s see if RIMM supports that theory with any news at next week’s 3GSM show in Barcelona

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Is there a source, besides Bill Gates, for Windows Mobile is outselling RIM?

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