Increased productivity care of and Zoho


Increased productivity care of and Zoho

If you work from multiple computers and find it easier to work exclusively in an online environment, from storage to document editing, you might find it interesting that and Zoho released some news this past weekend that could dramatically increase your productivity, and decrease your reliance on desktop based office suites.

Zoho’s API makes it easier for other companies to tap in and utilize the work they have done in webifying the productivity suite. The end of January saw another Zoho partnership take place as well. Omnidrive, an online storage service integrated in a solution whereby data storage users can simply click to open their documents in a new tab or window right in a Zoho online application. Meaning that documents [Word, HTML, txt and ODT] can simply be clicked to open, no downloading required. is the latest to take advantage of the Zoho API and is giving its users ability to choose “Edit Document” on a text file right in storage accounts. When selected, a Zoho text editor is launched in a new tab or window. How does it work for users? It first seemed a bit slow to connect to the Zoho text editor when a .doc file was clicked. However, once you are logged into Zoho and editing mode is activated, rest of the process works quite well. I’m considering utilizing service a lot more in the near future.

So how long do you think it will take until Google releases its online storage system? All of the other elements are in place and waiting.

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