Get that OQO with either Sprint or Verizon inside

Oqo_model_02If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer and got miffed at OQO for working an EV-DO deal with Sprint, you might want to send an "I’m sorry…." Hallmark card. GottaBeMobile caught sight of the news: you can get that OQO Model 02 with integrated EV-DO connectivity on Verizon’s network as well. There’s no mention of EV-DO Rev. A compatibility in the company press release, but an average download speed of 400-700 kbps on a 5-inch handheld is pretty spiffy. I should know, I use it on a 7-inch UMPC all the time; too bad for me that it’s not an integrated solution. Regardless of carrier (Sprint or Verizon), expect to tack on $149 for the integrated EV-DO; monthly data charges of course go to the carrier.


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