“Hello, I’m a Bill Gates”


bill gatesThe Joy of Tech brings us yet another great commentary on the world that surrounds us. And by ‘us’, I of course mean computer geeks. And by computer geeks, I mean those of us who follow the silliness that has abounded lately with the release of Vista and the subsequent media blitz that Bill Gates has been on to plug the ‘next generation’ operating system. Good stuff as always, from Joy of Tech.

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Mohammad Mirza

Hello bill
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Nick Santilli

hey steve? (#4)
the iMac came out in 1998. Cowon’s iAudio came 2 years later. while i assume you mean the iAudio came before the iPod (in 2001) your generalized claim that “cowon also had the “i” before apple” comes off as incorrect.

And geez so much anger and frustration in the comments today. guess the store was out of everyone’s favorite Haagen Dasz or something?


first i could start off by explaining apples strategy with the ipod (Keep in mind I own a Mac and love it you are clearly the one drinking the koolaid and you clearly don’t understand the expression).
The strategy is – release a crappy plastic product that is overpriced, keep the technology at least a year behind and slowly add features that other players already have (see cowons iaudio x5, had video way before apple, also had the “i” before apple) so that you don’t ever have to lower the price, also make sure it breaks every 2 years so people have to buy new ones, oh on top of it lock them in with itunes drm crap so that can’t switch to a player that actually has the features they want (fm radio built in anyone?)

Or you can just look how much money Bill Gates has donated/plans to donate in the future and How much Jobs hasn’t.


while i love my mac Steve Jobs is 10 times the douche bag bill gates is.

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