Galacticast Runs Pledge Drive


One revenue model that bridges the gap between the gift economy and the, um, economy economy has been used for decades by American public television stations — the pledge drive. It’s also worked successfully online in some cases, Jason Kottke’s being the best known. Now the team at Galacticast is attempting to apply it to the world of vlogs, where you can become a show sponsor for the low, low price of five dollars.

They’re also pimping their new “Galactimerch” t-shirt outlet, and have a hilariously optimistic wishlist — for instance, get Casey McKinnon cast in a David Lynch movie and score yourself a producer credit! Anyway, it just goes to show that there’s plenty of ways to recoup some production expenses for your web show.



Thanks for the sweet article! I’m really excited to see if anyone can fulfill an item on our wish list… networking 2.0 ;)

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