D-Link’s DIR-450 makes you the 3G hotspot

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Got a 3G EV-DO card for wireless broadband access? Feeling bad that poor saps around you can’t cut the cord for their connectivity? Don’t feel guilty; just hit up D-Link’s site for their new DIR-450 Mobile Wireless Router and become the good Samaritan hotspot! The DIR-450 accepts both EV-DO PC Card modems or USB-tethered 3G phones and uses 802.11b/g to share the wireless goodness. According to the press release, there’s a specific supported product set in terms of modem cards and cell phones, so check it for details if you’re itching to be the wireless life of the party. For you UMTS/HSDPA folks: watch for sister product DIR-451 which supports your network infrastructure.

The DIR-450 is now available at an MSRP of $299.99; hey, having flocks of Internet users around you at all times never comes cheaply. Watch for the DIR-451 later this quarter.

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