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First Look: Bud.TV Not Quite Ready For Prime Time

Bud TV: The Billy LamaAnheuser-Busch scored with its Super Bowl ads last night but it will take more than ads available all over the net to make its expensive Bud.TV a success. Granted, I’m the wrong gender and age to be the target market but I’m not talking about whether the humor works for 25-year-old men. The issues start with the registration process, which not only asks you for a birthdate and a check-box agreement that you’re of legal age to enter the site — it actually appears to be matching names and birth dates against a driver’s license database. (Note: A-B is using a public records database called Aristotle’s Integrity.) When I put in the right year and month with a different day, the site said it didn’t match my name and zip code. Each time the form needed adjustment, some of the info was wiped out and had to be re-entered. (A-B is also asking for mobile phone numbers but that’s up to the user.)
Once inside, the video player is small and doesn’t zoom in high quality. Desktop and enahanced Bud-TV are “coming soon.” I tested a few clips — the “Hardly News” quiz show is just a promo for now, “Puppet News” was worth a grin, ditto for the Billy Lama. The Super Bowls were easier to watch elsewhere without registration. One interesting item: a trailer for FX’s The Shield and the promise that a preview episode would be available through Bud.TV.
One more thing about the registration: When I went back to check on something, my login was rejected (“the credentials you provided could not be validated”) even though I’d followed the confirmation links in the email. Maybe the idea is to drive you to drink.
Update: Steve Safran ran into registration issues, too. Something I meant to mention earlier — sharing a link means emailing to someone who also has to be registered. No embedding, etc. Steve: ‘I still think bud.TV is a model of what

9 Responses to “First Look: Bud.TV Not Quite Ready For Prime Time”

  1. tempaddress5022

    I agree completely, obviously who ever came up with this crap is totally out of tune with the internet generatioin. Anyone who has been on the net for more than 2 minutes knows to never give out that kind of info. I really wanted to see the shield promo but i'm not risking my privacy for a freakin video clip. What stupidity.

  2. That registration process is downright creepy. That's where I stopped. What a great way to set the table for a little light humor: replicate the airport security-checkpoint experience! Are there many people who will give up that kind of info just to have their ribs tickled a bit?

  3. To bad they chose to create a site that is totally spyware and invades all privacy. It is very anti-American. They really should fire the clowns who came up with the ideas. Any American with any sense knows better than to give a good email or birthdates for them to use in their Big Brother database and as a tool for identity theft. But thanks for pointing out an additional crooked, corrupt, America hating company that they employ that keeps lists to steal peoples identity.

  4. Hmmm…logged in using my legit info, which I never do, and registration worked fine. Somewhat disappointed in the content. For the money invested, I think I would wait until I had all the features ready to go. It is one thing for a start-up to add as they go along, but for a company like Budweiser, they should have been a little stronger out of the box.

  5. Erik Koland is now down. Not sure if this is a network issue or an editorial decision.
    Cleary, more and more brands will be doing this kind of thing. It's just so cheap and easy to create a video offering.