The Vista iTunes Fiasco


Web Worker Daily has a post about Apple warning iTunes users that their software doesn’t work well with Microsoft Vista.

It seems as though there are a number of compatibility issues with iTunes version 7.0.2, and the new OS. Its something not too overlook either. iTunes music and video purchases from the Apple iTunes Store might not play. Contacts and calendars might not sync up with your iPod. Another eerie compatibility issue involves causing your iPod too corrupt data if it’s not safely removed by selecting Eject iPod from the Controls menu before pulling the plug.

These issues not impact everyone, but Apple suggests not upgrading to Vista just yet. These issues should have been fixed and a software upgrade should have been launched the day Vista was released. As an incumbent in the digital music market, the burden of compatibility falls on Apple. Apple is now offering a repair tool, little consolation to those whose iPod’s have been trashed.

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