This Week At Giga Gamez (01/29/2007 – 02/04/2007)


Here’s our weekly round-up of the top stories on Giga Gamez from last week.

WJA explores the world of eBay as it pertains to online worlds and how WoW is out and Second Life is in when it comes to exchaning real money for game money.

The Nintendo Wii is super popular right now, but how quickly could that change? Jason sits down with several industry professionals to discuss what could happen.

Can any of the new games coming out challenge World of Warcraft? WJA ponders the odds of the new Lord of the Rings game and Brad McQuaid’s Vanguard.

Nickelodeon, doing what Nickelodeon does, opens an online world for kids. is coming up and James takes a deeper look at the new YourTube for games.

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