Superbowl Tech Ads, Vote for your favorite


All right, the ads during this superbowl were seriously lame, just like the game which seemed pretty one sided in the second half. Nevertheless, there were some geek moments. I have short listed some of the ads which i thought were pretty cool. My favorite, well, that’s below the fold. Meanwhile, you can let us know which one you liked the most. Of course, Michael Parekh has the post game analysis – of the ads, not the game.




didn’t the Dwyane Wade commercial air like 6 months ago…you guys need to watch sportscenter more often…anyways I loved the Kevin Federline commercial even though it wasn’t tech


I agree with the earlier post that some of the user generated ads (like the Doritos ads) were great. I’m glad that advertising is open to moving in that direction and opening up the conversation to users.

You can check out other super bowl ads here:

Om Malik


you have to admit, it is a great commercial and does a good job of selling the “myfaves” feature. I personally loved it, so I am a tad biased.

David Knighton

The T-Mobile commercial with D Wade and Sir Charles was OLD! I really don’t think they should be up for consideration if a company chose to just run and old ad in that ultra-expensive slot. Kind of a wast of a lot of good hype.


Another sign of “YouTube” Age. The best ads were Doritos ads – not made by an ad agency. Rest were worse.


Although its not a technology company, the Coke add which featured a positive take on Grand Theft Auto phenomena was really pretty good.

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