Konami Makes Big Announcement Tomorrow


With the way new games are being bandied about, this must be game announcement season. Actually, it is. This time of year is always good for announcements because absolutely nothing else is going on. So, not to be left out of all the fun, Konami has been going wild over the last few days with game announcements, and apparently they have a little something for us tomorrow as well.

Thanks to Opposable Thumbs for pointing it out, but when you take a look at the Konami PR page, you can see what I mean about going wild. However, the most interesting tidbit is hidden amongst the numerous other announcements:

Check back to this space on Monday for several major announcements on new games from Konami! From new franchises to returning favorites, you won’t want to miss the earth-shaking news. You heard it here first!

Whatever it may be (though it’s pretty easy to imagine it’s Metal Gear related), I’m sure Sony is hoping it’s good news for them.

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