iTunes not recommended on Vista

If you are a web worker and can’t live without rocking some music while banging on the keys, like me, you might be a little upset at the latest Vista battle. Apple has released a statement saying that they are not recommending that iTunes users in Windows upgrade to the new Microsoft Vista.

It seems as though there are a number of compatibility issues with iTunes version 7.0.2, and the new OS. Its something not too overlook either. iTunes music and video purchases from the Apple iTunes Store might not play. Contacts and calendars might not sync up with your iPod. Another eerie compatibility issue involves causing your iPod too corrupt data if it’s not safely removed by selecting Eject iPod from the Controls menu before pulling the plug.

If you are dead set on upgrading to Vista, Apple does have a small list of steps you should do before Apple comes out with a new version of iTunes, which will apparently fix the issues in Vista. Until that time, Apple has released an iTunes Repair Tool for Vista 1.0. This tool will repair any permissions for important files that iTunes requires to play iTunes Store purchases.


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