iTunes not recommended on Vista


If you are a web worker and can’t live without rocking some music while banging on the keys, like me, you might be a little upset at the latest Vista battle. Apple has released a statement saying that they are not recommending that iTunes users in Windows upgrade to the new Microsoft Vista.

It seems as though there are a number of compatibility issues with iTunes version 7.0.2, and the new OS. Its something not too overlook either. iTunes music and video purchases from the Apple iTunes Store might not play. Contacts and calendars might not sync up with your iPod. Another eerie compatibility issue involves causing your iPod too corrupt data if it’s not safely removed by selecting Eject iPod from the Controls menu before pulling the plug.

If you are dead set on upgrading to Vista, Apple does have a small list of steps you should do before Apple comes out with a new version of iTunes, which will apparently fix the issues in Vista. Until that time, Apple has released an iTunes Repair Tool for Vista 1.0. This tool will repair any permissions for important files that iTunes requires to play iTunes Store purchases.



Beats me but most of the time it was MS fault and they have a very good history of intentionally breaking things so people will try the products they are selling.

Aren’t MS selling an iPOD competitor device that can’t play all music format plus it is noisy when it gets hot and too much bulky.

MS also try to sell that Zune thingy [i guess thats the name, never care anyway cause it will always ends up broken] here in our country to compete with the high sales of iPOD nano. MS boast that the Zune thingy have a wider screen, duh, who wants a big screen when you want to play audio files? Playing audio files only require one thing on the screen, ability to view what is being played, its title and place in the que.

If we nano users here wants bigger screens, we will buy iPOD video. =)


MSDN thingy dont always landed as the final versions, most of the time MS release patches to patch the patches they release.

Base on my experience, MSDN stuffs when release to public as component only retains a fraction of its original form. A great frustation on people that relies on MSDN and was trying to exploit capabilities of windows more.

I was on MSDN and coding in .NET, most of the stuff there dont even get the correct updates. First thing that you should consider is that VIsta dont work on all hardware and is recommed to be installed on a high tech computer.

New video cards with high specs, new memories to sustains it’s GUI [graphics user interface], it wont accept most sound cards and what will you do if Vista rejects your motherboard. 90% of the Operating system processing relies on the motherboard.

Ubuntu with beryl can do all things that VIsta can but it runs on older machines. Mac OSX also runs on my older machines. LOL..

And I think it wont also matter to you to consider that alot of documents uses Adobe technology specially the PDF files. I guess that it wont harm you if some important documents and records about you suddenly got lost because Adobe failed to run on Vista.



You’re whining about waiting on Apple. What are you going to do when Vista doesn’t recognize your configuration(more memory…new sound card, graphics card, etc.). I don’t have these problems with Ubuntu.


“I see this as a shameless use of iPod monopoly to mess with Vista.”

I don’t see what Apple has to gain from this, they won’t slow down Vista adoption, all they get is bad PR because they appear to be sloppy.


Andrew – The Zune Fix came out in December. We now know that Microsoft and Apple has had a team working to get iTunes and Vista to play nice with each other thru RC1, RC2 and thru the recent release. Turns out Vista doesn’t play nice on some hardware.


Tim – I believe Vista has been gold code since November when (as I recall) it was made available to system builders and MSDN subscribers – not beta, but gold, ie. the same as you can now buy in the stores. Don’t try and tell me that Apple don’t have the odd MSDN subscription… ;)

Eric – the point is that Apple have recommended that iTunes users should not upgrade to Vista until they release a new version of iTunes – this is complete BS, when they have had ample opportunity to fix the problems with iTunes before Vista was released to the general public.

And why anyone would want to run and Adobe product on Vista is beyond me..!


I don’t understand all of the bitching and moaning. Vista is a major new product. Many vendors don’t have their products ready to go with Vista, so why all the bitching about Apple?


Andrew and Om,

How do you know that iTunes broke with the beta versions? How do you know this didn’t just happen with the release code? Granted, if it broke before, they (Apple) should have identified the issues, but to just blindly assume (without some kind of documentation) that Apple is instantly wrong is as misguided as assuming that Microsoft intentionally broke iTunes. (To be fair, Microsoft has at least established a history, back in the DOS days, of intentionally breaking competitors applications. To the best of my knowledge, Apple hasn’t yet demonstrated that kind of behavior, but there’s always a first time…) – Tim


Boo Hoo, cries the windows girls. All the early adopters are just going to have to wait a few for a Vista version of iTunes. Just as they have to wait for the Vista version of Adobe products.

When Adobe began shipping Photoshop® Elements 5.0 and Adobe Premiere® Elements 3.0 software in September, final versions of Microsoft® Windows® Vista were not available to complete the testing required to ensure compatibility.

Shortly after Windows Vista becomes available to consumers, Adobe plans to release updates for Photoshop Elements 5.0 and Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 to provide compatibility with Windows Vista.

Updates for existing Photoshop Elements 5.0 and Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 owners will be available as a free download from, and updated Vista-compatible versions of Photoshop Elements 5.0 and Premiere Elements 3.0 will become available in the same timeframe.


Seriously, there is no excuse to not have your software up to date with whatever operating system it is offered on. This would be your typical Mac strategy; you have to wait at least a year to get your favorite software updated properly. You’ve got other options if you have an ipod though…lots of options. This article talks briefly about a few :

Om Malik


I am with you on this. the delays are Apple’s responsibility, not Microsoft’s and if they can’t get their act together, well too bad. I see this as a shameless use of iPod monopoly to mess with Vista. I don’t think this is Microsoft’s fault. CBB – corporate bad behavior.


I think it’s pretty disgraceful of Apple to have not fixed these problems months ago. Forget the battle between Microsoft and Apple, Apple have a responsibility to their iTunes users to ensure that their software runs on Vista. After all, I’m sure that the vast majority of iTunes users are Windows users.

The beta and release candidates for Vista have been available to anyone for many months – testing iTunes on this software would have enabled Apple to identify and fix these issues before Vista went on sale. I find it not only incredible, but unbelievable, that Apple would have not tested iTunes to death on Vista by now.

It seems to me that they have wilfully witheld information about these problems until now in some misguided and useless attempt to delay Windows users from upgrading to Vista. These sort of tactics – like their ‘I’m a PC’ advertising – is juvenial and beneath a company like Apple.

Imagine if this had been the other way round and Microsoft had not mentioned that some Apple software of theirs didn’t work on the latest release of OSX? Apple user groups would be up in arms about Big Bad Microsoft.

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